The kittens wake up when they hear food being opened


When a girl became a foster to help the kittens. She waited impatiently when the kittens wil get older.

The girl was always attentive to the little kittens. She watched every action that they did.It was rather interesting for her how they explored the surrounding world.

The cream kitten is very daring, the grey kitten behaves very shy, the black kitten is like a person and the ginger kitten is intelligent and independant.

The kittens enjoy spending time in the house and exploring the house. The kittens fell asleep. The girl decided to open the candy bar.

All four kittens woke up and stared at the girl. The kittens understood that they will not get any candies and felt asleep.

The kittens closed their eyes and went on sleeping. The girl continued eating the snack and looking at the kittens sleeping. The kittens will wake up and go on exploring the surroundings.

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