The cute dog enjoys cheering every passenger up and brighten their days on the train every day


People do not want to communicate with strangers in the train. They avoid this kind of relations.

But the cute dog an Italian greyhound named Cosmo is fond of making new friends in the train. The dog is very soicable and adorable.

In general, dogs of this breed are very anxious and do not want to get along with people in a short period of time. In this case Cosmo is really an exception.

The owner of the dog is Megan Lane. They travel by London Underground. The dog communicates with every person he meets starting from a confused tourist up to children, men in business suits.

The dog makes more and more friends day after day. The dog likes to be petted and surrounded with attention. The dog brightens and cheers the days of the passengers up.

The dog likes to be hugged and be in the arms of the passengers. The owner of the dog feels happy as the dog spreads positiveness and true emotions.

The dog has also helped his owner in a very difficult times. The dog filled the lonely days of the owner and changed his life abruptly. What a sweet and positive dog.

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