The cat begged for meat from the salesman and took the meat somewhere with him every day


The golden coloured cat has the habbit of asking for meat and taking the meat with him.

Every day the cat visits the salesman with an innocent face. He begs for meat. The salesman always gives him meat.

The salesman was surprised why the cat does not eat the meat in his place. The man gave a place even put the meat on the plate but useless the cat won’t eat here.

The cat grabbed the meat and went. Once the salesman decided to follow the cat and see why the cat takes the meat and goes.

The scene was touching for the salesman as the cat brought the meat for his best friend who lost his paw.

The cat took the meat to the injured cat. The salesman saw the true friendship and could not neglect the injured cat. He took the injured cat to the vet for a proper treatment.

Now both cats are adopted by the salesman and he feels happy that he gave a second chance to the cute cats to live happily and safely.

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