A sweet footage. A cute homeless dog makes his own bed every day


A dog was taken to an animal shelter. The dog was there for already 30 days.

 The dog was named Rush. The dog was fond of making his own bed on the shelter floor. He waited to be adopted and to have a forever home soon.

The dog has a unique talent of making his bed. The picture of the dog went viral and attracted many people’s heart.

The video will make your day. The SIGSA animals shelter decided to capture scene and put the footage in the social media.

As Angie and Ronnie Wallace saw the dog, they fell in love with the cute puppy. They rushed to adopt the sweet dog. The sweet and good manners of the dog impressed them.

They lost their favoutite dog early this year and thought that the dog would fullfill their lonely days as the dog seemed very special.

They adopted Rush and he feels happy and delighted now. He gets warmth and affection. The dog has his own bed and he adores spending time cuddling in the blankets. He still goes on making his bed.

This  dog appeared in their life at a proper time in a proper place. The dog fills their days with positive feelings.

Watch the video here:

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