An adoreable ceremony. An inseperable dogs named Cashew and Peanut got married


A beautiful wedding took place in Bexar County, Texas. The couples were the Chihuahua Peanut and his friend Cashew.

The dog were from SAHS animal shelter which is situated in San Antonio. They both were taken to the shelter in 2022, in April.

They owners were not able to look after them. They met each other after having dental sugery. From this time on their bond became tight and inseperable.

As their relationship got stronger the staff members decided to making a wedding ceremony for them and attract attention for their adoption.

The couple looked so sweet and cute. A small chapel with a red carpet and special clothes were bought for them. The staff members and volunteers were present at the wedding.

There was also a sweet cake, music and soap bubbles. The cute couple is put for adoption. The staff has a great hope that they will be adopted together not seperately. We hope they will have a forever home soon.

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