A heartbreaking story. A stray dog named Daya after losing her puppies found comfort looking after a tiny orphaned puppy named Raisin


Two dogs found comfort and consolation being with each other. They both needed each other in their difficult period of life.

They overcame obstacles and met each other in the proper place in the proper time. These sad stray dogs encountred obstacles.

This touching story shows that love, devotion and kindness can help in any difficulty.

It was cold weather and a stray pregnant dog was seen by a police officer. The dog was taken to the shelter. The mother dog was named Daya.

The dog was soon taken to the vet as the dog was examined and it turned out that the dog had unborn babies and she needed operations. The poor dog had serious health problems.

Her life was rescued but she was broken as she had lost her babies. She had to overcome obstacles.

The dog lived in despair until an orphaned puppy was brought to the shelter. The poot puppy was named Raisin. The mother dog became a mother for the puppy. They both were meant for each other.

Now they live happily as they were adopted and have a forever homes. The mother was so
caring and affectionate towards the puppy. They will never forget each other.

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