An abandoned tiny poor dog burst into tears when he was given a piece of bread


Nobody knows why this dog appeared in the streets in a terrible state. A passer-by decided to give the dog a piece of bread and the dog began to fill his eyes with tears.

The dog felt neglected by the people. The tiny dog was disoriented and exhausted as he did not have anything to eat or to drink.

The dog looked pitiful and sad. Seeing the dog in this hopeless state. The man took the dog to the vet.

The dog was examined and had wounds. After being examined the dog will be cured with just a little extra care. The dog is named Gunnnar.

Luckily, as the dog advised the dog was treated very well. The trembling dog changed into a lively dog with a playful character. Gunnar runs, plays and catches the ball very well.

He was thin but he has a good fur now. The appearance of the dog changed. The dog is not afraid of crowds now. His appearance made the man take the dog and look after him.

Here is the video:

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