A dog has become famous as the clumsiest dog in the world and he is proud of it


A dog has attracted the users of social media. He is considered to be as the clumsiest dog by the social media users. His owner’s name is Ryan Ross.

The dog is named Finn. He is just two years old. The dog is considered to be as a funny antics.

The owner of the dog posts the photos of the dog on Instagram. The dog is always participating in the funny activities.

His actions amuses and scares his owner. Once the dog saw a snake and instead of running sat on it and rode on it. Seeing the scene the owner of the dog pulledit away. The snake was not hurt.

The dog loses or bumps on things constantly. The dog falls out of stones and furniture. The dog looks so hillarious in theses scenes.

The owner of the dog of his dog and the title of the dog. The dog makes people happy. The dog has sometimes have problem but this does not matter.

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