Firefighters rescued a scared kitten trapped in ATM – later the cat was named “Cash”


There are many stories how animals get stuck in something strange that humans can not have even imagined.

the Fort Smith Fire Department got a call about the cat stuck in the ATM at a local Regions bank in Arkansas.

Firefighters had an experience of rescueing cats from trees or a soda vending machine. This case was a new exceptional one. It is nor clear why the cat got here may be he was a “cat burglar” or wanted to find a shelter in this way.

Luckily, the rescue went successful. The crew worked very carefully and they had a success getting the cat out of the ATM safely.

The photos were taken from this rescue. The cute little kitten was named Cash. He lives happily in the shelter. The sweet kitten attracts everybody as he is so cute and gentle.

Thanks to the kind firefighters the kitten was given a second chance to live happily and safe.

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