A kind man carries his paraplegic dog in his arms to enjoy the rain


A paraplegic dog loves rain. His owner does everything for the comfort of their dog. The dog suffered a stroke and did not move.

His owner took care of his furry friend until the end of his life. Taking care of a pet is like looking after a child.

You should know that you should be by your furry friend both in happy and sad times.

As this man the owners of pets should be ready that there will come a day that the dog won’t be able to move his body and they will need someone’s help.

The owner of the dog does this because he wants that her dog enjoys her life even after stroke.

The scene how the dog falls off and his owner keeps the dog in his arms just for the dog to enjoy the rain. He knows that this a thing that he really gets pleasure.

His wife helps the dog very much. The dog is treated and he will soon have the mkbility that he used to have. He will help the dog to overcome this difficult period of life.

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