An adorable footage. A Golden Retriever becomes a foster dad of four little tiny bunnies


A golden retriever named Bailey became fiesnds with bunnies. There are many friendships between different species of animals.

They look so cute and adorable. The dog became a surrogate father for the sweet bunnies.

The owner of the dog did not know how he could stand the bunnies moving in the house. He got used to this thanks to the golden retriever.

The bunnies jump, run and do hilliarious tricks with the golden retriever. They spread love and are an example of true friendship.

Both of them adore each other’s company. The four funny love to sit on the body of the dog and put their noses on the nose of the dog.

They are sweet and the dog has become rather famous.They have very beautiful pictures together. The scene how they treat each other is heartwarming.

Here is the lovely moment:

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