Real-life ‘Lassie’ dog leads rescuers to his injured owner who fell 70 feet in forest


The TV show callled “Lassie” Bout a hero collie who helped rescuers to find people in danger and save them.

A dog named Lassie is famous for rescuing his owner’s life. The owner of the dog who had fallen from 70 feet. The man was 53 years old and had broken ribs and a hip.

Calfire rescue company got a call about the loss of the man. Twenty five searchers tried to find the man but useless.

They could not have even imagined that the dog would be on time to alert the man was.

The dog wad the victim’s dog walked 200 yards through the forest and he met the two serachers and showed the way to the lost man.

Fortunately, the man was rescued thanks to the cute and smart dog. The staff thanked the quick thinking and heroic border collie.

The dog was given a good dinner and feels happy with his owner. The man is safe and sound thanks to the searchers and the dog.

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