A heroic dog named Yesenia found a missing 11 years old girl


A dog named Yesenia was just 11 years old. The dog served as a police dog. The dog has been a heroine.

The dog has looked for children and parents. On March 21 the dog did a heroic act. The sharp sense of the dog made it possible to search for a 11 years old girl.

The police got a call about a girl who left home and did not return. All the police made an effort to find the lost girl.

The cute dog only needed a sneaker to find the lost teenager. Thanks to his sense the experienced sheepdog could find the girl.

The dog was given the girl’s sneaker. The dog lead the police to the neighborhood to the direction of the girl. The girl was sitting in front of a house.

It turned out that the girl had an arguement in the house that is why she had been walking in the neighborhood.

Luckily, the girl was found safe and sound. The girl was returned to her family. The dog got a thank you note. Thanks to the dog the little girl is rescued.

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