This man takes his sick dog into the lake as the water makes the pain subside


A man named John Unger and a dog named Schoep became popular in the world . Their photo was spread in the social media in 2012.

The photo shows a dog sleeping on the chest of his owner in a peaceful way as they were swimming in the lake in Wisconsin.

The picture has a story behind this scene and the story will touch your heart as it is very heartmelting.

The dog was 9 years old in this picture. The dog suffered from arthritis and was hardly overcoming the illness.

In order to soften the sufferimg, the man took the dog to the lake every day. He tries to alleviate his pain in this way. He took the dog to deep waters holding the dog in his arms tightly.

The dog could sleep in the water lyimg on the chest of his owner. The dog relaxed in this way. The man and his girlfriend took the dog from the shelter. The couple broke up and the man was depressed.

The dog helped the man to overcome depression as he was always by his side. The dog is a real consolation for the man. He said that whatever the man does now is a very little thing as the dod deserves more.

As the picture spread many people started to help the man for the treatment of the dog. The life of the dog was extended for a year. The dog managed to celebrate 20th birthday.

In 2013 the tragic message about the death of the dog was spread. The dog passed away.

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