The devoted dog left after the owner after 30 days. Both of them are gone forever


A dog named Zaida is a very smart dog. The dog is trained and he did his best. The dog’s mission serving for the state went successful.

But when the German shepherd got older it was a very difficult time for him. Neither the country nor anybkdy else wanted the dog.

The German shepherd was taken to his mentor. They worked together for long period of time.

The retiremnt did not last long as the owner felt sick. The dog was wotried about the state of the owner. After some time the man passed away.

After one month the dog also passed away. People took the dog to the vet before passing away. It turned out the dog suffered from an illness.

The dog was taken care of and looked after. It was obvious for the dog that he will soon pass away. His eyes were full of tears. We just hope that he is with mentor now. How devoted dogs are to their humans is uncomparable.

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