A poor dog abandoned near the supermarket gate wags his tail to passerbies hoping to be adopted


A dog was abandoned and tied near the supermarket. The video of the dog was spread in the social media.

The dog spreads love and devotion. The dog greets the customers with a smile. When there is no people around he is in despair and sad.

The dog lives tied up and wlecomes gentle everyone. His soul is full of sorrow. Many people gather around the dog.

The video made everybody feel sorry for the dog. Everyone filled their eyes with tears.

The dog wags his tail seeing passerbies. The dog just wants to be loved and adopted.

He can not be indifferent to people as he is very sociable. The dog’s cute face and shaking hand attrats passerbies’ attention.

People give him food or something to drink. The dog will soon be adopted as he is so sweet. It is obvious is still waiting and hopes to find a forever home.

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