An unbelievable moment a brave train conductor stops train to rescue stray dog


The story happpened in Santiago, Chile. This is a very touching scene how a train conductor does his best to rescue the dog trapped on the tracks.

Many drivers drive very fast without thinking about there will somebody on tracks. This caring train conductor is really kind and caring.

The man did not even think about calling for help. He did not waste time. He just acted quickly thanks to his quick thinking.

Thr train conductor first made an effort to stop the train. He got down on the train tracks and rescued the dog.

The scene was captured by Vanesa Lira Machuca. The scene shows how the brave man comes to the scared dog. At first the train conductor called the dog but useless.

The dog refused to come. The man approached the dog and took him gently. Another railway worker adopted the stray dog.

The passengers and the present people praised the man for his heroic act. The man is worth praising. The man shows that each animal’s life matters.

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