A rescued cat turns broken jaw into a big gorgeous smile


A cute cat was brought to the Texas animal hospital last year. The cat was named as a Miracle cat.

Unluckily, the cat was hit by a car. The cat had a broken jaw and other complications. The kind hearted doctors did their best to rescue the cat.

They made a decision to perform a surgery. They had a great hope that everything would pass successful.


The cat was saved by a Dr. Mayer who repaired the jaw of the cat. The cat was rather lucky. The cat was recovering for nearly a month.

The cat was fed by a tube and he was given much medicine. The cat was a real struggler. There was little hope that he would survive.

The cat has a forever home now. Here he is loved and taken care of. The differnce is not very obvious, but he is need of care all the time. Thanks to the doctors his broken jaw turned into a big smile.

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