Kitkat maker Nestle increases its prices

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Kitkat maker Nestle is rising the costs of the prices again. Not only Kitkat maker Nestle but also Coca-Cola and McDonald’s annouced about the increase in costs.

In the United Kingdom companies are increasing prices as ingredients, wages and fuel as well as consumer prices are also rising.

The rises are the fastest in recent 40 years. In North America prices rise the highest at 9.8% and in Europe 4.9%.

McDonald’s rises the prices of chessburger for the firat time after 14 years. The gloval price of Coca Cola has risen with 5 % in Uk.

Unfortunately, the rises in prices are not equal to the cost of living which is growing. Nestle raised its organic sales from 7% to 8 %.

In the last three months of 2021 Nestle, which makes both Smarties and Cheerios has increased its prices by 3.1%.

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