They recorded a very big cheetah come up to the face of the man in a wheelchair


People consider dogs as best and devoted friends to humans. It is surprising that peple find comfort and true friendship in other animals.

Joan Lascorz who was a race car driver formed a true friendship with a cheetah. In 2012 the spanishman had a motorbike accident in Italy.

The man was bound to wheelchair and could not use his lower limbs. The man has reared cheetah since it was a little kitten.

The man knew how to atrract the attention and achieve thr cat’s confidence. Though it seems it is rather hazardous and difficult to live with a cheetah but in this case their bond is too tight.

The man and cheetah are always together. Wherever the man goes the cheetah accompanies him.

Although the cat is powerful and large he is very gentle to his owner. It is obvious in the footage which the man shared on his instagram account.

The man brushes his nose to the nose of the cheetah. The cheetah licks his face. They hug each other. The scene is heartwarming and very emotional. The cheetah rest his head on his owner’s lap.

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