She does everything with us’: Doting dog surprises her owners by joining them for their first wedding dance in heartwarming video


A bride and groom’s wedding day got a whole lot sweeter when their beloved dog decided to join them for their first dance.

After watching the newlyweds say ‘I do’ at their wedding in Arlington, Washington, Nicole and Seth Funden’s Labrador retriever Eva couldn’t resist being a part of their first dance as husband and wife.

A video of the special moment shows the couple swaying back and forth to Dan + Shay’s song From the Ground Up when Eva spontaneously decides to join her owners on the dance floor.

Nicole and Seth can be seen bending over to lovingly pet the pooch before she gets up on her hind legs and starts dancing with them.

They each are holding one of her paws as they slowly circle the dance floor together while their guests cheer them on.

Eva eventually drops down to all fours, and her owners share a sweet hug at the end of the song.

Nicole told Storyful that the heartwarming first dance was a pleasant surprise, explaining that it was ‘not rehearsed.’

‘No way was she gonna miss our wedding,’ she said of their dog. ‘She is our fur baby and does everything with us.’

The couple’s wedding photographer Heather Mayer took photos of the dog lying next to the altar at their ceremony.

Many of their guests found Eva’s participation in their big day touching, including their friend Selena Mercedes.

She told The Dodo that the couple considers Eva a part of their family, and she wasn’t at all surprised that she was at their wedding.

‘They both spend so much time with Eva,’ she explained. ‘They take her everywhere they go.’

Selena said she was particularly moved by the dog joining in on the newlyweds’ first dance.

‘It was the sweetest thing. I had no idea it was going to happen,’ she said. ‘It brought tears to my eyes.’

Watch the video below:

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