An injured dog “extremely thankful” after search-and-rescue team carries him down hiking trail


There are many kind-hearted people who are always to give hands to the animals in need of help. The dogs are always grateful for the help and they express their gratitude in different ways.

This is a case when a search and rescue team found a four legged hiker and rescued him.

El paso county and search rescue got a call about a dog who could not get down from a camp. It was very hot and the dog could not walk anymore.


It was 6.5 mile hike with 3,800 feet elevation. The rescue arrived on time and rescued the cute dog named Roland.

The rescue team carried the dog with a stretcher. The photo shows a dog with a happy smile.

One of the relatives said it was obvious from the picture that the dog enjoyed attention as well to be in the centre of attention.

The owner of the dog is grateful to the rescue team for walking so many miles to rescue the dog. The dog is also very grateful as he gives big smile.

The dog is on pain mads but he will get better soon. This is a real heartwarming story.

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