A cat rejected by previous owners for 5 times finally finds an owner who loves him


A cat which has already had 5 owners is rejected now. Every creature has his own way of living and being on Earth.

Animals as humans have very difficult personality. In this case the cat behaves wild that is why he can not get along with each owner.

The cute cat was very wild but look sweet. The owners could not resist the wild nature of the cat.

The cat is very active and will never seem boring. The former owners worried that the cat would set fire in their house.

The only truth about the cat is that the cat will not leave you bored. The cat is very playful and he is like a hurricane.

Fotunately, the cat has an owner now. The owner of the cat loves the cat the way he is. The owner thinks that the cat is cute and perfect on his own way.

Watch the video below:

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