A heartwarming video shows mommy dog watches over to her new born puppies in an incubator


When a mother dog gave birt to her puppies it turned out that the puppies were born prematurely.

The puppies had to be kept in the incubator for some days. The mother dog was worried about the state of the puppies.

The amxious state of the mother dog did not stop her to watch over the puppies to know that they were safe.

The mother dog was four years old and he was named Kuma. The dog gave birthto 3 puppies and two of the puppies were kept in the incubator for some days by thr vet.

The worried mom stood on a chair in the vet’s office and looked at the puppies attentively. The dog wanted nothing but to see her puppies safe and sound.

The cute puppies were having a rest. The mother was gazing with so much care and love.

The scene is very sweet. Their fathet also accompanied mom. Very soon the puppies will be their parents. When you watch the video you feel touched how animals react to things as humans do.

Here is the video:

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