Caring and kind nurse adopts terminally ill patient’s dog so the dog doesn’t have to be taken to the shelter


It is very difficult to find a home for a dog who became orphaned because of his owner’s death.

This story is about a dog which would be left alone as her owner felt ill and was on the edge of death. The caring owner of the dog always talked about the futurw of the dog with a nurse.

The nurse advised to give the dog to a shelter. The woman did not have any relative whom she could leave the dog.

Thr dog was named Jax. The woman loved Jax so much that she was always talking about the dog.

The nurse decided to adopt the dog herself. After knowing about the dog the woman became relaxed and died knowing that her dog is safe and sound.

Thanks to this nurse the dog feels comfort. The nurse even got Daisy Award for extraordinary nurses. The dog is in good hands.

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