A retired German shepherd K9 helps firefighters rescue two children from a burning house


Ittakes rather long time to become K8 device. The dog which is of this classifictaion should be brave and unbeleivable defensive.

Many K9 still retain this quality even when they are already retired. As in this case a K9 proved that he is a real hero saving a family from burning house.

This breed is perfect to work with K9. The dog formerly worked in the Florida’s Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

German shepherds are known working in the K9 squad. German shepherd are natural. They are loyal and trustful dogs. The neighbour called for help and informed about the fire in the neighbour’s house.

Chip Dover helped the wife to go out of the burning building. Dover broke the windows to get the famoily out. He persuaded the wife to go out with the help of the son.

The wife informed about the husband and children that were in the house. The husband’s dog guided the firefighters to the smoky corridor.

They immediately took actions and took the children and the husband out. They had bad injures but thanks to the dog guarding to the places where the family members were the family was rescued.

Here is the video:

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