A girlfriend tells a boyfriend “Either the dog goes or I go” – The boyfriend’s reply wins the social media


When there is a choice between refusing one’s pet or human being people choose their pets instead of humans. This is considered normal.

Pets are true and devoted friends for their owners. There are many cases when our beloved people put a choice between them and pets.

When there is a ultimatum as in this story between pets and people people prefer to show the door. This story is about a girlfriend who wanted his boyfriend get ride of his pet.

The reponse of the boyfriend was very smart. He tried to re-home his girlfriend instead of getting rid of the pet.

The man placed an advertisement “community section” of the website. The following is written in the advertisment that his girlfriend did not want his pet Molly. The following is the continuation.Here the advertisment is

This is a great lesson for the girlfriend.  If the girlfriend  does not accept her boyfriend and the pet  the way they are she does not deserve them.

The man has to think twice as continueing relationship with such girlfriend is not normal.

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