A grieving sad dog does not stop cuddling with the pillow of the brother who passed away


A dog named Spencer and Rockey have been best friends and their friendship has been very tight for 10 years.

As to the owner of the dogs whose name is Beth Fisher. Bith of them did everything together. They slept and ate together. They were really inseperable.

They were never seperate and accompanied each other everywhere. Unluckily, the dog Rockey felt ill and developed fast growing tumor.

The only solution if the dog not to suffer was to put the dog to sleep in order the dog not to suffer badly. The dog Spencer missed his best friend very much.

Spencer tried to find hus friend at home. He could not sleep or do anything without his big brother. So the family decided to print the picture of the dog on the pillow.

From this time on the dog slept only on this pillow. He felt warmth lying on the picture. The dog was mourning in grief but cuddled with the pillow.

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