An abandoned dog was left at the airport with a touching note from his owner


An airport security guard noticed Chihuahua named Chewy which a three months old dog at the McCarran International Airport.

The dog was left in the restroom. The owner of the dog was fleeing from her bad relationship.

Unfortunately, the owner of the dog could not take the cute dog with her so she left the dog inside one of the restrooms with a letter.

She had a great hope that a kindhearted person would take the cute dog. There was a letter left near the dog. Here is the letter.

The dog needed good care and medical support as he had a trauma. The airport staff immediately took actions and applied for the help to the Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue.

The dog was cured and soon he looked so happy. Many people were touched by the sad story of the dog and very soon the dog was adopted and had a forever home.

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