The dog gets tired and bored on a very long flight and made a decision to entertain the passengers behind him


When the owner of the dog took to flight with him the dog as many people find out flights are really boring.

The Golden Retriever named Huxley also got bored during the flight. The dog lacked the attention he needed.

The dog was angry as he did not get the attention that he really wanted from his owner and began to take actions into his hands.

He decided if his owner did not give him the attention he would get in another way from other passengers.

So the dog left the place he was sitting and went to sit in front row next to the man.

The dog sat there 30 minutes. The dot praises for his good behaviour and even passengers took selfies with the cute Golden Retriever.

Suddenly, the dog smelled the taste of chips which his mom opened. The dog pressed his face between seats as he wanted to reach the chips.

The face expressions of the dog made passengers laugh and cheer up.

The flight became really funny. Let everybody have such flight with a such cute passenger.

His hillarious face expressions made everybody’s day. The pictures of the funny and entertaining dog will make you  smile.

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