A man puts his car up for sale to rescue his dog’s life

True bond between pet-dad and the pet is very tight. When there was a choice between the car and the pet the choice was clear.

The owner of the dog Randy Etter began to worry about the dog when he noticed that the dog was lethargic and began to follow him.

The man took the dog to the vet immediately. It turned out that the dog had an illness.

The owner of teh dog decided to do everything possible to cure the dog. The dog was his true friend so he did evrything possible to cure the dog. This was really a difficult task.

The man lost his job as he was busy finding a vet who would treat the dog properly. The illness of the dog was not diagnosed properly.

After a lot of efforts it turned out that there was a small subject was lodged in the intestinse. The dog needed operation which cost 4,500 dollars.

He did not have money so he decided to put his car for sale. He did not have to sell the car as his friend offered to give 2000 dollars and an organisation S.O.A.R. Intiative helped to raise 3000 dollars. Here is what the man advertised:

The dog had a surgery and was returned to his owner safe and sound. Thanks to kind people’s gemerosity the dog is rescued and feels happy in his owner’s arms. The dog Gemmini feels happy and very active.

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