An owner of the dog orders a tiny bed for his big dog accidently but he is a good dog and loves it anyway


We love things not because they are items in general, but the thing was given by a precious person.

The affection behind the gift is more important than the thing itself.

The lovable dog a golden retriever named Kenny showed his appreciation to the gift that his owner gave him.

Unluckily, the owner was mistaken ordering a wrong size of bed for his golden retriever.Anyway the dog found a way of using the bed as a pillow for him.

He just wanted to express his gratitude in this way. Even it was meant for the bed but the dog used as a pillow.

The owner of the dog wanted his dog to a brand new bed and the dog appreciated the sentiment.

Kenny’s human sister posted the picture of the dog lying on the pillow and sitting on it on Twitter. Everybody apprecitated the kind gesture of the dog. Dogs are really the best friends.

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