The golden retriever has been missing for 16 days and here is what the dog has been doing for two weeks


The police found the lost dog after the police got a call from a concerned citizen in the morning. The man noticed the lost dog swimming along the Barengat Bay.

Two officers acted quickly to rescue the dog along the shore. The dog was 75 yards fr the shore.

The police was able to find the exhausted dog and bring the dog to the land. The dog was thirsty and malnourished.

The police brought the dog to safety until the members of the family came. A golden retriever which was three years old was afraid while playing and ran to the woods.

The dog was look for a long period time but useless. Runners noticed the dog and wanted to approach him but the dog ran into the water.

The golden retriever swam 2 miled along the Bay when the officers found the dog. The police is happy to see how happy the dog and family members were to be reunited again.

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