An abandoned loyal dog refuses to leave cardboard box, waiting for his owner to return


Dogs are very devoted and loving animals. Any dog waits impatiently for their owner to come home. They get excited even seeing them come home from work.

Unluckily, there are owners who do not appreciate the devotion of their dogs. In this casr the dog was left in a cardboard box in the heat.

The dog was just waiting for his owner and refused to move. There was a great hope in his eyes.

As to the nonprofit Dallas dog thr little 10 months old puppy was abandoned on one side of the road.

The dog never left the cardbox and his loyality made him wait his owner. A neighbour helped the dog giving him water and calling animal control.

They came and took the dog with much difficulty. They took the dog in the box. They even brought the dog in the cardboard box and left the cardboard box in the kennel so that the dog felt comfort.

The dog was just trembling from fear. The dog has a foster family where he lives happily and gets all the love and care he deserves. He is recieving love and recovering. He is still waiting for a forever home.

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