Every day stray dog visits car dealership, gets his own badge and gets a “job”


A stray dog had been wandering in the streets of Brazil. Thanks to his persistance and willpower the dog achieved his aim.

The dog got a home and a job. The stray dog was named Tucson Prime. The staff saw the stray dog and could not just neglect the pup.

The dog wanted to make a dealership his home. The dog used to hang out near the building and wanted to stay there.

They decided to let the dog in and thought that the dog will make their day positive and a little bit relaxing.

When it was a stormy day the staff made a desicion to let the dog in the store. They could not see the dog suffering in the cold.

The dog turned out to be heart melting and kind hearted. The dog was very lovely and was loved by everyone who came to the store.

The cute dog was soon taken by the store. The dog was taken to a vet and he had also a vaccination. Soon the dog became the cutest member of the dealership.

Not only the quality of the life of the dog better but also he became the favourite of the customers.

The reaction of the customer seeing the puppy was overwhelming positive.The dog has become a local celebrity.

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