Husband gives wife an ultimatum: ‘It’s me or the dogs’


There is a clear reason why are dogs considered to be man’s best friend. The UK’s “This morning” did an online vote whether people would prefer to be with their pet or companion.

More than 2000 voters particapted in the online poll and 52 percent of people prefered to choose their pets.

Liz Haslam the founder of “Bed for bullies” is a devoted animal lover. This is a foundation for bull terriers.

The woman rescued bull terriers and over 16 bull terriers found a forever home. Liza’s husband did not like canines and told her wife to choose between him or the dogs.

They had been married for 17 years. The wife had to make a right decision. Since that time the wife had not heard or seen her husband.

Everything began when the couple decided to move to country house. The wife said that giving up on canines was not her intention and her husband should have understood that.

Her husband should have known that she can not imagine her life without dogs. He should have her answer.

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