Sweetest and cutest dog hasn’t stopped smiling since he was adopted from an animal shelter


The dog named Meaty is the happiest doggo you have ever see. Dogs exist as people make life much more complicated than it is in general.

They are just a reminder not to screw it up too difficult.At least that is the way how Lisa feels when she looks at her dog named Meaty.

Lisa noticed the doggo Meaty’s picture when she was scrolling through Facebook one day and fell in love with his beautiful and big smile at the first sight.

The dog was living at a California animal shelter in a Culvar city. Lisa decided to apply and to adopt the cute dog.

Lisa just wanted to see the happy face of the dog every day of her life. Lisa was sure she could adopt him. The dog is basically her fix of dopamine every day.

The bond between Lisa’s husband Joe and Meaty is incredibly tight. Joe basically fell in love with Meaty the moment he saw him for the first time. The dog became viral and melted many people’s heart by his cute smile.

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