A homeless dog followed A Marine over 70 miles to prove they were meant to be together


People and dogs form tight bonds of friendship all over the world. The true noble spirit of dogs and devotion shines through when they are not even given a chance to show it.

A stray dog waited for somebody to show him affection and care. He was in a terrible state and did not have any name but he still hoped that somebody would rescue him.

One day that somebody came along with three Humvees lumbered to a stop in the desert where the dog was. A Marine whose name is Major Brian Dennis saw the dog and came closer to him.

The dog gained the dog’s trust and was sharing his food with the hungry dog, who he named Nubs.

When he met him, he just jumped up and they started playing together. The first time they ever met, he just kind of flipped over.

The man began rubbing his belly. Really, whole team of the man bonded with him when they met him.

The dog was treated and for the first time in his life, he had a warm bed, meals, and love. He grew to love the Major but fate had other plans for them. Major Dennis had to move on to a new outpost and Nubs was not allowed to go with him.

The situation didn’t stop the loyal Nubs from following after his Marine. Even though it was severe cold, Nubs followed his Humvee for 75 miles across the desert, determined to stay with Major Dennis. It is a mystery how the dog did this.

In March 2008 Nubs flew to his new forever home. Dennis followed him a month later. Nubs has since died but his mysterious story of the importance of rescueing these dog’s lives and there was even a book written about him, Nubs, the True Story of a Mutt, Marine, and a Miracle.

Here is the footage:

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