A sociable family dog insists on helping window cleaner by bringing him a toy


This story is a sweet golden retriever who is about a 4-year-old. The cute dog was named Tofu. The cute dog adores welcoming guests and this is very important for him.

He uses this on any guest he sees, it does not matter if it is the window cleaner.

As a window cleaner was cleaning the apartment’s windows of Tofu’s family, the dog realized he had to welcome him warmly as any guest.

Tofu took his favorite toy abruptly and showed it to the man in a way to greet him.

The owner of dog whose name is Rebekah Hartman said that he was so joyful to see somebody outside and made a desicion to help by grabbing his toy.

The owner of the dog recorded the incident seeing this cute scene. Hartman also added that the golden retriever does this way with everybody.

The dog loves his toys, and usually sleeps with one of them inside his mouth. The scene adorable and sweet.

Watch the video below.

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