Kindhearted Woman Finds Abandoned Dog At Gas Station And Helps Find Her A New Home


A kind woman called Leilani Wong saw an abandoned dog at a gas station and decided to help it.

At first, the woman did not decide to help the dog, but when it followed her, she knew that she had to do something.

Leilani shared online that when she met the poor dog, she directly fell in love with her and decided to help her.

She and her husband started looking around to see if the dog had a family but to no vail.

So, she picked the dog up and took her with the car. The couple then decided to take the dog, who was named Kaia, home to take care of her till they find her a forever home.

When they got home, they gave her a much-needed bath and feed her a delicious meal.

They even took her to the veterinarian to be given all of her shots. Leilani also added that they already have some other dogs, so, her home would not be the perfect home for Kaia.

However, she was able to find the perfect forever home for the dog by one of her family members. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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