Heartwarming Footage Shows Hero Husky Pulling Stranded Brother Out Of Muddy Pond


Dogs are definitely the most loyal and kind beings on Earth, and there were countless occasions they proved so.

Nevertheless, it’s always heartwarming and inspiring to see a dog acting heroically! In a very adorable footage, a brave Husky was caught on video rescuing his best friend after he fall in a pond.

Great buddies, Star – a 2-year-old Husky – and Singto – an adorable Golden Retriever, were enjoying some time in their backyard in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, when Singto found himself in trouble.

The playful puppy was struggling to get out of a pond after falling into it. But his loyal friend was there to save the day.

When realized his pal was in trouble, Star rushed to get him out the water. Singto was desperately trying to climb on and find a way out of the muddy pond, but he cannot find the strength to do it.

Thankfully, Star kept his calm and guided his friend to safety. The heartwarming rescue was caught on camera by the dogs mum, Jinda Pathumsutr who couldn’t believe her eyes when witnessed Star’s kindness and devotion to his brother.

Need to mention that Singto was never at danger of drowning as Jinda was ready to help him, but when she noticed how determined was Star to help him, she decided to captured the beautiful scene!

Watch the moment here:

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