She Was Left On The Street Dragging Herself Under Raining ANd Frozen Begging For Help To Live


Long ago, mankind was no longer human. Although only a pup, she is adamant that the stray is her home.

She too paid a steep price. She is still after being struck by a vehicle. Then another individual betrayed it by planting it near to a trash in the rain. She has been holding out.

A small group of volunteers from Ljubljana, Slovenia, led by dog lover Tanja Vidergar, care for and rehome abandoned and neglected stray animals there. They decided to assist her after learning about her pure soul.

“Those of us who must and desire to right the wrong done to her. This time, there won’t be much we can fix. She has shattered legs, a damaged back, and is unable to remove muck, yet she still begs for life as she stares at us. Tanja Vidergar said

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