Siblings dogs have touching reunion one year after their rescue


Dogs make our lives so much better. They are a constant source of joy and happiness, and could teach us a thing or two about kindness and compassion.

For all those reasons and many other more, all dogs deserve a loving family who will ensure they live a long, happy life full of love and happy experiences!

But, sadly, life isn’t always fair, and some dogs get treated as if they were garbage or things that don’t deserve anything. Shelby and Buddy had a rather rough start in life.

The two dogs were kept outside 24/7, tied up in a small and extremely dirty pen. No matter if the temperatures outside were extremely high, or if it was pouring rain, the dogs spent all of their time outside with nothing to protect them against the elements.

Fortunately, the rescue came for the two dogs, and they were finally able to escape those terrible conditions.

However, the circumstances forced the rescuers to separate the two dogs that had spent their entire lives together. One year after being separated, the two dogs who are also sibling were once again reunited. Their reaction is so beautiful. You need to see this!

These two innocent souls a second chance, thanks to the volunteers from the PETA. The same very kind people that made their reunion possible. Some true heroes!

Here is the video:

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