Shelter dog gets a pool for him but still prefers his bucket.


In the Austin Animal Center, there are play yards and dog kennels where water pails sit around ready to be used for cleaning. But when Centaur looks at the buckets, all he sees is a special place just for him.

The quirky dog came to the shelter on Saint Patrick’s Day. He has delighted the staff with his antics since. Kelsey Cler, the marketing and communication program manager at ACC introduce Centaur as a total goof! He is smart and energetic.

So he is starting to struggle in the shelter the longer he is here. He loves to play fetch. Once he gets his energy out, he is a big cuddler.

Centaur first discovered his beloved bucket in early May. It was when Texas was experiencing an unusual heat wave. Cler thought that he wanted to cool off his tootsies in the water.

When the shelter posted a photo of the 4-year-old dog in the bucket on Facebook, viewers started a campaign to get Centaur his very own kiddie pool. They happily believed that the pup would be excited to have more space to splash around.


However, his reaction was not what they wanted to see. Even with this amazing pool, Centaur still gravitated to his bucket. It was just the right size after all. When they posted him on Facebook, people suggested him a pool, and when the pool is there this weirdo is still in the bucket.

After a month, Centaur has finally decided to divide his time evenly between the pool and the bucket. Now it seems that he loves the pool.

[But], he still likes to go in the bucket! Even with the pool there.Centaur is a loving, happy-go-lucky dog. But he still doesn’t have a forever home. They are hoping to see the right one soon. He loves adventures. Whoever adopts him will seriously get the goofiest boy.

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