Stray Puppy Shakes Rescuer’s Hand After Saving His Life


Dogs are the most loyal creatures on Earth, there’s no doubt of it. These gentle souls are only bring happiness and joy for us. Even though, dogs offer nothing but unconditional love, there are still millions of them left behind, every year by the heartless owners.

While many are ending up in shelters, there are still lost of dogs left to die on the streets. Thankfully, this pup was saved just in time. A 6-month-old confused pup was walking on the side of a busy road in Romania, Eastern Europe, when volunteers at the Howl Of A Dog – a rescue group, spotted him.

“We were afraid he might get scared and make a sudden move and run towards the cars. He was only a few meters away from the busy road where cars kept passing” the group wrote. “So we waited until he felt comfortable with our presence and allowed us to approach him.”

Soon after the rescuers managed to save the little on, he stole everyone’s heart with his grateful gesture. In a heartwarming scene, the puppy shake the hand of the man who saved its life.

The rescuers at the Howl Of A Dog have captured the adorable moment on camera. The footage gained over 15 millions views on YouTube alone ever since.

The pup was then taken to the vet. There he received the proper medication and a well-deserved bath. His rescuers named him Fram. As the group later wrote in a social media post, within days, the rescue puppy found a lovely family who adopted him in the UK.

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