Hulk Is 173 Lbs , Might Be The World’s Biggest Pit Bull And He’s Still Growing


The reputation of solid jawed dogs like pit bulls is that they are aggressive and can’t be great pets, but the truth is that they can make great pets like Hulk, an American pit bull terrier.

Despite weighing 173.4lb, Hulk is a great pet of Marlon Grannon, a trainer of Dark Dynasty K9. The trainer even let his dog play with his little kid, who is only 3 years old, as he completely trusts him.

The biggest pit bull in the world weighs multiple times in comparison of the normal pit bulls, whose weight is around 30-60lb.

However, despite his big size, he was able to take care of his own litter of puppies, who are also expected to be so big like their dad.

Furthermore, they could make up to $500,000 to their owner.

Watch the video below.

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