This service dog surprised the passengers at Tampa airport


Service animals are much more special than the others because of their special service! People love to see a Labrador retriever trained to help. This happened at the Tampa International Airport. It was a busy day and passengers were looking at the service dog got through the security gate.

Then the dog lay down and started whimpering and there was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all the viewers.

Suddenly the dog seem like she couldn’t walk anymore, but it was not because of any illnesses she was actually pregnant! The beautiful Lab named Eleanor Rigby, was pregnant when her owner was about to board the flight.

She expected her dog to give birth only in a few days. But when Diane Van Atter waiting to board the plane at the gate her dog was going into labor!

The situation was inconvenient but they didn’t have any other choice. So they lied Eleanor down and allowed nature to do the course. As she went into labor her whimpers were heard all over the terminal and no one couldn’t pass unnoticed. After all, it was a truly adorable moment. Especially in an airport! Her mate olden Nugget was also accompanying the family.

Two years old Eleanor was giving them a free lesson in miracles of life! with her seven adorable puppies coming out right after each other it was quite an experience to be a witness! Tampa fire rescue delivered six girls and one boy! All of them were healthy! The passengers were so exciting and even some of them posted live on Instagram.

The rescue crew got rewarded for their efforts and all the puppies were named after them. They have the rescuers’ names! The last one and only girl have the paramedic Natalie’s name and the number two is Larry, her colleague Larry Glanton said.

Although the happy family missed their flight, they found their way home to Philadelphia in time!

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