The lame puppy looked pitifully at passers-by


This story happened last week in the English town of Gloucester. A local resident found this frightened dog in the street.

His front leg was crooked. She couldn’t step on it or move around normally. When the woman noticed this, she immediately decided to help the poor dog.

The local Cotswolds Dogs & Cats shelter determined that the owners probably just threw the doggie out on the street. The damage to the paw was serious and congenital.

And perhaps the owners were afraid of liability and decided to get rid of the puppy this way. Shelter staff determined that the Cocker Spaniel dog was only eight weeks old.

Tiny was given the nickname Winnie, and has begun the road to recovery. Unfortunately, the vets predict that the doggie’s leg will have to be removed in the future so that walking won’t cause her such discomfort.

But in the meantime, Winnie is receiving physical therapy and other treatments to keep her healthy.

Winnie is currently in the custody of caring guardians, and money is being collected for her treatment and upkeep. It will take three months to find a home for her, once the issue of her ailing paw is resolved. This little thing is full of energy and is very grateful to her guardians for their care.

Despite her peculiarities, she runs and plays a lot, charging everyone around her with positive energy. Be happy, Winnie!

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