‘Absolutely beautiful’: Cancer patient reunites with pet dog in tear-jerking viral video – WATCH


Maria Eduarda was diagnosed with cancer and she had to spend weeks in the hospital. It was a difficult time for her and her family as well. She had to stay away from her family and her beloved dog Amora who was waiting for her back at home.

“I missed her a lot,” she said. Then she received the best kind of medicine she needed.

It was an addition to her standard treatment. Eduarda’s mother knew that her connection with Amora, so she planned a surprise. She hasn’t seen her dog in months.

Her mother and her doctor decided to arrange for Amora to visit her.

It was a special day she got after a long time.

And that moment, Amora and Eduarda reunited. It showed very well that both of them had missed each other.

That was an emotional moment, for both of them. That visit made her soul lift infinitely. Their reunite reminded her, of their home and she got a hope that everything would be okay and that everything would be back to normal soon. Thankfully it was not too far.

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