A cute cat likes doing “trust falls” into her owner’s arms and it’s the sweetest thing ever seen


Have you ever seen a cat performing a trust fall? We have seen such falls in dogs, and now we are seeing it in cats.

Cats are naturally suspicious of people and will never be as trusting as dogs. Although we feed, pet, shelter and play with them they stay untouched, aloof and untrainable. And when a cat trusts you it’s a big event for the owner’s of cats.

This is Didga, an unusual cat who likes doing trust falls with her owner. Didga can be seen continually sliding back into her owner’s arms in a video shared in Didga’s Youtube account.

With her owner’s mild inciting, she voluntarily does “trust falls” with him. It’s amazing, as it is really unusual for cat’s nature.

“Didga stands in the direction to fall and trusts me to catch her as she falls straight back into my hands.” told Didga’s owner.

And if you had a bad day, she is there to make it better. Watch the video of her trust fall into her owner’s hands.

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